The Impact of COVID-19

 We are fortunate to have a strong earned revenue stream through our program work in interpreting as well as camps and classes. COVID-19 had a significant impact on those revenues. In March, our revenues dropped in half from what they had been in February and on a monthly average. By April, revenues had dropped by half again, 26% of February and previous months in both April and May. In June we saw a slight increase with revenues at 35% of previous averages. In March, we prioritized the transition of all programs and services to virtual so that no program or service would be interrupted. We also reached out to two major grant funders who generously released their gifts from restriction so that we could use them as needed. We also applied for and received a small PPP loan that covered payroll for eight weeks. This loan will be forgiven, making it function as a grant for us. These steps coupled with a very strong first nine months of the year helped us weather the tremendous challenges COVID-19 as posed. Prior years of strong fiscal management will help us weather what 2020-21 brings because we continue to see extraordinary challenges and are committed to maintaining the essential services we provide to our community--services they cannot access anywhere else. 

Our long-term goal is to grow our fundraising to match program revenues to support expanded and deepened programming for the Deaf and hard of hearing community.  We continue to focus on diversifying and growing our fundraising, and we are thankful for the many wonderful people, corporations, and foundations who invest their generosity in our mission. 


While we were fortunate to maintain all our programs and services without interruption, COVID-19 forced us to cancel The Bridge Builders Luncheon 2020. We had a wonderful program and were disappointed not to share the experience with a room full of friends and supporters. Our sponsors generously continued their support, but we did not have the opportunity for the personal gifts and pledges that give us critical support. We look forward to being together in 2021, and if you want to donate now, there's a button below to make it easy. Thank you! 

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     Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is supported by individuals, corporations, foundations, and special events. We are also supported by many kind, talented, and generous volunteers, both individuals and groups. 


 Our volunteer hours were valued at $16,593 in 2019-2020. We love our volunteers!

Revenues & Expenses